Hello, Courage!

A Safe Space for Visionaries, Dreamers and Possibilitarians

“Dance courageously with the demons in your heart, so that your angels can sing.”


The Courageous Visionary Manifesto


I am ready to let go of resistance and step into surrender.

I am ready to say yes to my desires without guilt and no to the warm embrace of comfort without fear.

My desire for transformation is greater than my fear of failure.

I recognize that my deepest desires are worthy of my surrender, my courage, and my pursuit

My value and my self-worth are rooted internally and not validated externally.

I take action in the face of uncertainty and dismiss inaction without complete certainty

I am empowered to dance courageously with the demons in my heart, so that my angels can sing.



Hi, I’m Chrissy.

I am a transformational life coach, healer, and safe space holder for courageous visionaries, dreamers, and possibilitarians.

I believe that your deepest desires are worthy of your surrender, your courage, and your pursuit. I also know – from personal experience – that surrendering to your deepest desires will force you to confront every demon that you’ve ever buried in the graveyard of your heart.

My desire is to hold space for you to dance courageously with the demons in your heart so that your angels can sing.

Because that’s actually where the magic, fun, and transformation begins…

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