Hello, Courage!

A Safe Space for Visionaries, Dreamers and Possibilitarians

"You are worthy...

of giving yourself a permission slip to say yes to your desires without guilt and no to your comfort without fear.”


My Gift To You…


90 Minute Possibility Conversation

What is the vision you have for the world? Imagine what we could create if we focused our energy on what was possible, released the stories and beliefs of improbability, and took faith-inspired actions towards our dreams and desires.

Whether you are new to my world or new to coaching, I offer possibility conversations as my gift, and an invitation to you to begin the exploration of the journey back to yourself

The Courageous Visionary Manifesto


I am ready to let go of resistance and step into surrender.

I am ready to say yes to my desires without guilt and no to the warm embrace of comfort without fear.

My desire for transformation is greater than my fear of failure.

I recognize that my deepest desires are worthy of my surrender, my courage, and my pursuit

My value and my self-worth are rooted internally and not validated externally.

I take action in the face of uncertainty and dismiss inaction without complete certainty

I am empowered to dance courageously with the demons in my heart, so that my angels can sing.

Courageous Life Coaching

For my fellow courageous visionaries, dreamers, and possibilitarians who are ready to take their dreams and desires off the back burner, breakthrough their own limitations, and courageously embrace possibility.




Hi, I’m Chrissy.

I am a transformational life coach, healer, and safe space holder for courageous visionaries, dreamers, and possibilitarians.

I believe that you are worthy of giving yourself a permission slip to say yes to your desires without guilt, and no to your comfort without fear. I believe that there are too many people that sacrifice their amazing big, hairy, audacious goals and dreams for the sake of practicality, and in so doing, lose themselves.

My desire is to hold space for you to courageously pursue your deepest desires and discover your true Self in the process.

Because that’s actually where the magic, fun, and transformation begins…