You Are Worthy.

You Are Enough.

Your Voice Matters.

…and Your Worthiness is Your Birthright.

"You are worthy...

of boldly and audaciously creating your most authentic, courageous, and empowered life…by your design.”


My Gift To You…


A 90 Minute Coaching Experience

Let Me Ask You…

When was the last time you chose yourself over others?

When was the last time you said yes to yourself without guilt, and no to others without fear?

How long has it been since you have exercised your muscles of Worthiness and Courage?

If your muscles of Worthiness and Courage have atrophied, what would it look like to nourish them and Strengthen the muscle of your self-worth?

If your worthiness and your courage have been conditioned out of you, how can you begin to heal and find your way back to the strength of your inherent self-worth? 

Loving yourself, and choosing to belong to yourself is NOT Selfish, it’s Self-Love.

Belonging to Others over belonging to yourself is NOT Selfless, it’s conditioned self-loathing and, quite frankly heartbreaking.

You do not need a permission slip of worthiness from anyone else, except Yourself.

If any of these questions or statements gave you pause, or stirred a knowing deep within you, I invite you to:-

The gift of a conversation with me (Click below to book a call)

Begin the process of releasing your ego and small self

Initiate the exploration of the journey back to your Highest Self.

You are Worthy…


…of the Pursuit of your Curiosity

…of the Call To Courage

…of seeing the Light of Clarity

…of the Gift of Self-Compassion

…of Belonging and Connection

…of Actively pursuing your Creativity

…of Answering your Divine Calling

Courageous Life Coaching


Personal Growth & Development life coaching for heart-centered women+ entrepreneurs at the intersection of Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and Self-Discovery





Hi, I’m Chrissy.

I’m a Personal Growth & Development Life Coach.

In a world where we are constantly told that we are unworthy and not enough, I believe that you are worthy, you are enough, your voice matters and your worthiness is your birthright.

My zone of genius as a coach is working with heart-centered women+ entrepreneurs to shatter the glass ceiling of good girl conditioning – for the purpose of creating our most authentic, courageous, and empowered life by our design.

My clients are deep life explorers of their personal growth and development and my work is centered at the intersection of Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and Self-Discovery.