Courageous Life Coaching

For my fellow courageous visionaries, dreamers, and possibilitarians who are ready to take their dreams and desires off the back burner, breakthrough their own limitations, and courageously embrace possibility.

A Note to my Future Clients…

Coaching is a strengthening tea that needs to be steeped within you over time, so have an intention when choosing your particular flavor of transformational tea.

Have pause when considering the high-caffeinated version of coaching, which tends to have lots of energy in short bursts, quick wins, and temporary bursts of enthusiasm without any depth or permanence.

Instead, consider the decaf version of coaching, which has a more calming, grounding effect and takes a bit longer to move through your system.

The longer the transformational tea of coaching steeps within you, the stronger it will be.

Choose Your Flavor of Tea..

Journey Back to the Self

12 Month Transformational Coaching 

Journey Back to the Self is my signature private coaching program for visionary women/womxn who are ready to spend a year of dedicated exploration to the surrender and pursuit of their deepest desires. This program allows you to give some space and depth to the big scary vision and legacy that you hope to see come alive in the world.

Together, we traverse the journey on the road back to you and discover the seven parts of ourselves that need to be awakened. Together, we face our inner demons and in so doing, learn to turn resistance and fear into surrender and love. We learn to dance courageously with the demons in our hearts so that our angels can sing and our dreams can rejoice.

*COMING in 2023*

Courageous Visionary Space

Private 1:1 Coaching

The Courageous Visionary Space is my 6-month private 1:1 coaching program for visionary women and womxn who are ready to do the deep inner work required to experience true transformation and change.

The vision you have been gifted and called to bring to life is bigger than you and should scare you a bit. Your vision should be given a sacred space for a full examination and examined through the lens of possibility. When we create space in our lives, we create space for miracles to occur. Together we lean into resistance so that we can release it, we step into surrender, and truly explores what happens when we believe that our deepest desires are worthy of our surrender, our courage, and our pursuit.

My Gift To You…


A 90 Minute Coaching Experience

Let Me Ask You…

When was the last time you chose yourself over others?

When was the last time you said yes to yourself without guilt, and no to others without fear?

How long has it been since you have exercised your muscles of Worthiness and Courage?

If your muscles of Worthiness and Courage have atrophied, what would it look like to nourish them and Strengthen the muscle of your self-worth?

If your worthiness and your courage have been conditioned out of you, how can you begin to heal and find your way back to the strength of your inherent self-worth? 

Loving yourself, and choosing to belong to yourself is NOT Selfish, it’s Self-Love.

Belonging to Others over belonging to yourself is NOT Selfless, it’s conditioned self-loathing and, quite frankly heartbreaking.

You do not need a permission slip of worthiness from anyone else, except Yourself.

If any of these questions or statements gave you pause, or stirred a knowing deep within you, I invite you to:-

The gift of a conversation with me (Click below to book a call)

Begin the process of releasing your ego and small self

Initiate the exploration of the journey back to your Highest Self.