The Courageous Visionary Space

6 Months of Private 1:1 Coaching


The Courageous Visionary Space is my coaching program for visionary women and womxn who are ready to surrender to their full potential, breakthrough their own limitations, and explore possibility at a soul level.

"Courage is saying yes..

to your desires without guilt, and no to your comfort without fear.”


What is possible when we choose Courage over Comfort?


The coaching work we do together is deeply relational and invites you to explore those hidden parts of yourself that you may have buried.

This work is for you if you believe…


That your deepest desires are worthy (and you are worthy!) of your surrender, your courage, and your pursuit.

You need to create more space in your life for the miracles to occur, to invite what matters the most, and let go of what doesn’t matter at all.

It is possible to fully trust and surrender to your inner guidance.

You are ready to answer that intuitive tap that has been persistently interrupting the busy signal of your life.

That your desire for transformation and change must be greater than your fear of failure.

That comfort is the thief of growth and personal evolution.

That you have a vision, goal, or dream that is bigger than you, and it scares you.

That it’s time to start saying yes to our desires and dreams without guilt, and no to the warm embrace of comfort without fear

Your best life happens in the Discomfort Zone

"We Can Choose Courage...

or we can choose comfort, but we can’t have both. Not at the same time.”

-Dr. Brene Brown

The 7 Ways


We explore mastering the journey of going into your own heart and finally giving her a chance to speak.


Awaken Your Inner Desire

Your journey begins by making space for the whispers of your call to become a clear voice that finally has a chance to speak. In so doing, you begin the process of interrupting the busy signal of your life so that your call can finally get through.

“What am I called to do with my life?” 


Awaken Your Inner Explorer

Through exploring the question, “How can I explore my calling?” – you begin the journey of a thousand miles and safely explore your desires at their deepest level.

Who do I need to become to further awaken my inner desires?



Awaken Your Inner Healer

Courage is saying yes to our desires without guilt and no to our comfort without fear. It is letting go of resistance and stepping into full surrender. The pursuit of your deepest desires will force you to face every demon that you’ve ever buried in the graveyard of your heart.

“How can I dance courageously with the dance with the demons in my heart so that my angels can sing?”


Awaken Your Inner Mentor

Clarity emerges when we have the courage, to tell the truth about ourselves to ourselves, and we start to have conversations instead of confrontations with all parts of ourselves. We are willing to hear the lessons from our inner healer and turn those lessons into new beliefs.

“What stories and beliefs do I need to release that are no longer serving me?



Awaken Your Inner Voice

Trusting the guidance of our inner mentor and releasing the emotional baggage that has held us back, and the grip of our inner critic. The voice of our intuition becomes a force to be reckoned with and we begin to take more aligned actions that move us towards different and better choices.

“How can I express my truth more powerfully and from a place of true authenticity?”


Awaken Your Inner Vision

Congruence is speaking and living our truth, as a result of awakening our inner voice. A new self emerges, and you are becoming the person you needed to be in order to activate your inner desires. Your internal world matches your external landscape, and you have completed your metamorphosis.

“What is the vision that my intuition is guiding me to bring alive?”




Awaken Your Highest Self

You believe with absolute certainty that your deepest desires are worthy of your surrender, your courage, and your pursuit.

You continually break through your own limitations and experience new levels of personal growth.

Your desire for transformation and growth is stronger AND greater than your fear of failure.

You are empowered to dance courageously with the demons in your heart so that your angels can sing and your dreams can rejoice.

You believe that you are worthy of giving yourself as many permission slips as needed to show up fully in this world and in your life.

You are actively creating your dream life.

“How can I continually, holistically and authentically create what causes a revolution in my heart?”

You are Worthy...

…of giving yourself a permission slip to courageously pursue your deepest desires.”

Our 6-Month Journey


Our coaching work together creates space for co-creation, collaboration, and exploration of your inner world. You are not broken, therefore you do not need to be “fixed”. You are a whole, resourceful being, and have everything you need within you to be successful. 

What’s included…


6 Months of Connection

We meet for 6 complete months of transformational coaching and deep, inner work.

We explore the major and micro themes of your life and start the process of closing the gap between who you are today and who you want to become.

12 Courageous Conversations

We will have TWO 75-minute deep-dive sessions per month for 6 months. These are private 1:1 conversations that are recorded for your reference and sent within 24 hours after our completed session.

As a practitioner, I bring my intuitive guidance into our conversations. Outside of our sessions, there will be journal writing, reading recommendations, NLP, ..and more.

My 7 Pillars

During our time together, we’ll move through your transformational journey by working through my seven pillars of Calling, Curiosity, Courage, Clarity, Connection, Congruence, and Creativity.

Journal Writing

One of the most powerful ways we can begin the excavation process of connecting to our Selves is through journal writing, which is an active form of meditation. During our time together you will receive journal assignments to work on in between sessions.

Believe it or not, the magic of transformation happens in-between our sessions, because you have time to process, absorb and integrate what we discover during our sessions.

Unlimited Email Support

In between our sessions, you will have unlimited email support from me. I encourage you to take advantage of this so that I can best support you during our time together and get the most out of our live sessions time.


You’ll complete a Values Assessment, Self-Assessment, and Human Drivers Assessment at the beginning of our work, which will be included in your Welcome Kit.

I bring these tools into our coaching work to increase your self-awareness of whom you are being at an unconscious level, and how that works in your favor and also holds you back from stepping into your full potential.

Accountability & Support

As your coach, I will hold you accountable for taking action, sitting with your discomfort, showing up fully, and doing the deep work that results in lasting, permanent change.

As my client, you will hold me accountable for showing up fully as your coach and creating a holistic space for you to awaken your inner healer so that you begin the process of healing yourself.

Your Investment is $5,000.00




6 payments of $834


12 payments of $417


Thank you – for exploring your curiosity and being willing to go deeper with your desires.

To Choosing Courage over Comfort,