For my fellow courageous visionaries, dreamers, and possibilitarians who are ready to take their dreams and desires off the back burner, breakthrough their own limitations, and courageously embrace possibility.

Gift of Coaching

90 Minute Possibility Conversation

What is the vision you have for the world? Imagine what we could create if we focused our energy on what was possible, released the stories and beliefs of improbability, and took faith-inspired actions towards our dreams and desires.

Whether you are new to my world or new to coaching, I offer possibility conversations as my gift, and an invitation to you to begin the exploration of the journey back to yourself

What to expect during this coaching experience:

During our call, I will ask questions to gain a better understanding of your vision. If I feel that I can provide you with additional support, I will ask permission to share the details of my coaching program, which you can read about here.

What is Coaching?

I’m curious…


I get this question a lot, and there are so many ways that I could answer this because coaching is so multifaceted. Here’s my 3-part answer:

“Coaching supports you in trusting your Inner Compass and Inner Truth more than other people’s Map of the world.

“My coaching style is a process of asking you deep and powerful questions to bypass your conscious mind, for the purpose of interrupting the patterns of your unconscious mind. Those questions plant a seed of doubt in your limiting beliefs and stories (fears) that are holding you back from becoming the person you were meant to be.

The highest intention behind coaching is to empower you towards making different choices in your life so that you can have your desired future instead of a default future. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Coaching creates a container and facilitation for transformation.”

I also love to define and refine coaching by sharing what it IS and what it IS NOT.


Coaching IS curiosity, being open-minded, intuitive, non-judgmental, heart-centered, and empowering. Coaching is NOT assumptive.

Coaching IS: exploring options, question-based, choice drive, client-led, collaborative, enlightening, and solution-focused. Coaching is NOT advice-giving.

Coaching IS: expansive, forward-moving, future-facing, inviting. Coaching is NOT therapy (past-focused as opposed to future-paced)

Coaching IS: exploration, discovery, inquiry, creativity, murky, unpredictable, vulnerability, and spaciousness to be a hot mess in a place of safety. Coaching is NOT explanation.

Coaching IS: internally driven, internally focused, an exploration of your inner landscape, process-driven, and an internal journey of transformation at the client’s pace. Coaching is NOT outcome-driven.

Coaching IS: full of possibility, courage, and potentiality, infinite, limitless, outside the box thinking and doing. Coaching is NOT finite or limited.

Coaching IS a collaborative and co-creative process that guides you to find the answers within yourself and to create a model of the world that is authentic to YOU. Coaching is NOT strategy-driven, consulting, or following someone else’s view of the world.

Coaching IS about leading you to choices that are right for YOU. What is right for you may be wrong for someone else, and that is okay.

Coaching IS empathy and compassion. Coaching is NOT sympathy

If this definition of coaching speaks to you, I encourage you to book a call to experience the gift of coaching with me:

"You are worthy...

of giving yourself a permission slip to say yes to your desires without guilt and no to your comfort without fear.”