Crystal-Lee Quibell





When I started working with Chrissy, I had a stock template that I had customized, but it wasn’t cutting it or helping me to grow my email list. I wanted a professional page, but kept buying templates. I couldn’t quite get the look I wanted. Chrissy took over my website project and was so much fun to work with! She pays very close attention to detail and ensures that you are happy with every aspect of the design – sharing moodboards and infusing the project with a bubbly energy and enthusiasm! She has amazing follow-through with video tutorials – and I LOVE my new website!”

Crystal-Lee Quibell


This by far was one of my favorite projects to work on! Crystal-Lee is a published author, a magical book coach, and podcast host. Crystal-Lee came to me because her old website was a DIY template that wasn’t working for her. She got plenty of downloads from her podcast but no email subscribers, because her old design was confusing and hard to navigate. She needed a website makeover and an online home that did a fabulous job of representing her personal brand. I was happy and honored to take on the challenge!



Together we mapped out a strategy for her website that would do a better job of showcasing:

  • Her podcast, Literary Speaking
  • The free offers on her website to increase her email opt-ins
  • Her flagship program, The Magical Writer’s Group.


Ideal Customers:  Aspiring female authors who adore reading, writing, and they’re looking to connect with a tribe of supportive magical writers that can help them elevate their writing practice.

One on one coaching to map out the book writing process, work through creative blocks. Her website is a one-stop shop to get all of the info they need to write and publish their book.

Her Why: 90% of people want to write a book, about 13% actually do. Crystal wanted to create a community for aspiring writers who need encouragement and feedback on a regular basis. The kind of space where the kids who didn’t get their letter from Hogwarts – can feel at home and like there is somewhere special for them to commune.

Content Marketing Strategy: Literary Speaking, the podcast – tutorials by best-selling authors, agents and publishers.

Brand adjectives: Magical, Warm, Mystical, Witchy Wisdom, Down to Earth/Grounded, Sassy.

Biz Selfie: Think books, Spells, potions, herbs and psychic circles, a witchy sort of landing space – the witches den that’s warm and inviting. Quills and Ink and old books

To have a space that is easy to navigate, really clear on who I am and what I do and to sign up and interact with the podcast and the Magical Writer’s Group.

Website Strategy & Monetization: We created opt-ins on her site using LeadPages, Leadboxes, and Convertkit. When someone opted-in, on the thank you page we created a tripwire (one-time discounted offer) to purchase one of Crystal’s recorded webinar. We utilized Stripe and Gravity Forms to accomplish this goal.

We completely overhauled her old website and created:

  • A new online home that was easier to use, easier to navigate and did a better job of accomplishing her business goals ( directing visitors to her podcast, an exit-intent pop up with a sign-up, better calls to actions to increase email opt-ins and more aware of her signature program, The Magical Writer’s Group.
  • A new personal brand identity that was more in alignment with her magical, mermaid, witchy charm.
  • An email sequence to deepen the customer relationship.

Think Harry Potter meets Practical Magic. You can see her new website and branding over at