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Let me guess…maybe you’re at a networking event, attending a conference or just being active and visible in Facebook groups. You’re sharing your vision, connecting with awesome and like-minded people –  doing everything you can to grow your business and level up.

 Then the dreaded question: “What’s the link to your website?”

Ughhhh!!! You’re just mortified. You literally wish a hole would just swallow you up right there and then, because your site?  Yeah it’s a bit of an embarrasment to your brand – as much as you hate to admit that.

Your website isn’t drool-worthy at all – cringe-worthy is more like it.

I get it. You’re busy and you’ve been focusing on money-making activities and doing the things that matter to your business growth. The website just keeps getting pushed back and put back on the digital bookshelf to gather more dust – alongside those opt-ins, webinars and other course ideas that never even saw the light of day.

It’s been okay until now, but it absolutely does not reflect your genius and the vision you have to share with the world. Simply put, your website hasn’t been a big priority – until now.

Because, you’ve got something coming up – maybe it’s a keynote talk,  you’re speaking at a conference, an upcoming launch, a guest podcast with a big influencer, or a livestream/webinar collaboration. Whatever it is, it’s an opportunity for a lot of eyes on your site and to possibly take your brand and business to the next level.

You’re ready priortize and focus on your website, but you know you can’t do it alone ( nor should you!)

Your online home is a sacred space and the digital storefront of your business. It should be crafted and curated with expert love, energy and enthusiasm. That’s kind of a big deal! 

And let’s be real here – a website template you bought off Creative Market or some random Fiverr hire simply isn’t going to do your brand justice. Nor will your cousin Freddy who’s just starting out and is still trying to get himself together (sorrry Freddy!) #aintnobodygottime.

Nope – you need to partner with an experienced designer who will build you a site that looks so good your peers will be crushing on YOUR brand instead of the other way around. (Because, hello – you’re not a web designer and you’re just about done with the Youtube rabbit-hole of DIY!)

Enter Chrissy: I got you!

My mission: To help you – the courageous visionary – go from Invisible to Unforgettable  by launching your dream website- so you can sit back, relax and watch your conversions shoot through the roof and the Paypal notifications blow up your phone.

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