The Courageous Visionary Project

45 Hours of Free Coaching: My Gift To You


The Courageous Visionary Project is a coaching project to awaken the inner desires of 30 Courageous Visionaries, Dreamers, and Possibilitarians.

90 Minutes per Conversation

30 Conversations in 60 Days

March 1- April 30th, 2021

Why am I running this project?


I believe we need more courage in this world to pursue our dreams and deepest desires.

2020 was a huge obstacle dressed up as an opportunity in disguise for us to pause, take a deep breath and evaluate the meaningfulness of our lives.

If this past year has taught me anything, it is that we need to create more space in our lives for what matters the most and let go of what doesn’t matter at all.

We need to create more safe spaces to dare to dream and explore that intuitive tap that is interrupting the busy signal of our lives.

I want to be that space holder for you to activate your inner desires, your inner explorer, and your inner healer.

I believe that your deepest desires are worthy of your surrender, your courage, and your pursuit.

The pursuit of our deepest desires will force us to confront every single demon that you’ve buried in the graveyard of your heart. My hope is to empower you to dance courageously with the demons in your heart so that your dreams can come alive and your angels can sing.

My Story


I’ve always been that person that’s full of a million ideas. It seemed that my perpetual problem was trying to implement all of my million ideas at the same time. I was always willing to go all-in on something that interested me but quickly lost interest when it “didn’t work out” the way I expected. I was living my best life in the comfort zone of shiny objects, distractions, and excess productivity.

All of that changed on October 27, 2018, when I gently but lovingly got called out on my bullshit …

Who is this project for?


  • Women, womxn and womxn-identifying
  • Creative entrepreneurs, leaders, small business owners, group leaders, mothers, mom-owned business owners, and service practitioners
  • Visionaries, dreamers, and possibilitarians who are ready to disrupt old patterns and safely explore that which excites you and terrifies you simultaneously

Who is this project is not for?


  • You are not willing to do the deep inner work required for change, transformation, and growth
  • Business owners interested in strategy
  • 2020 has not challenged you to reevaluate and redefine whom you want to be, do and have 

How do I book one of the 30 spots?


This coaching project is currently full!

Thank you for your support!

Thank you – for exploring your curiosity and being willing to go deeper with your desires.

To Choosing Courage over Comfort,